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The most primitive known bracelets ages back to 2500 BC, worn by the early Sumerians of Southern Mesopotamia. Bracelets, together with other jewelry like anklets, earrings, necklaces, and rings, were worn by the women to boast the wealth of their husbands. As such, they were an exemplification of their social status - much like some jewelry is to the current time. They often had virtuous inferences in addition to the perception of wealth and adornment. Jared Bracelets were appreciated for many centuries after this time but occurred as highly sought-after pieces of jewelry in Ancient Egypt in 2000 BC.

However, bracelets became more and more prevalent with men during the Grecian times - warriors wore self-protective bands of leather often draped with gold, silver, and other gemstones on their forearms. They were called “Bracels”, from the Latin word for arm, "Brachium". The women of the Grecian society apprehended that these decorations would also look good on them, so they started wearing smaller varieties - called Bracel-ets. The idea took courtesy and the fashion spread far and wide.

The passage of bracelets spans ages, reaching up to the current time. They have been shaped from diverse materials, and have always been widespread - bracelets have varied according to dress styles and, of course, dictated by time wise fashion. Jared Couple Bracelets are worn by men and women alike today, and bracelets today are not only of old materials, but also of acrylics and modern plastics. They make for trendy, unique items of jewelry. Some bracelets are also shaped from metals like titanium and zirconium, which has become quite popular because of their lightness and hypo-allergenic properties.

The bracelet is one of the world's first and most prevalent article in jewelry. Manufactured from a varied range of materials, its history stretches back several thousand years. According to historians, the first society to produce decorative Jared Bracelets that had cultural significance were the Ancient Egyptians. Before that time, ornamental accessories were made from simple materials like shells, rocks, wood and bones. And they were purely decorative.

The Jared Diamond Bracelets remains one of the most demanding and accessible accessories on the planet. It is one of the few pieces of jewelry that even men feel comfortable for wearing. But as you might expect, the bracelet is far more popular with women.

The cause for which women love bracelets is that they are arguably the most versatile article of jewelry. They can be carved out from just any kind of material, which means that can be worn on almost any occasion.

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