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In the early years when the watch was invented, people used it only to see the time. Slowly as the trend changed, watches became stylish, and became the symbol for good status. Attached with a shining chain, a watch in the early years was kept in the coat pocket and the chain used to stay outside, along with the coat, showing pride and greatness. The people who had such watches were considered higher in position and the other people close to such special people considered themselves low in status because they did not have such watches.

The time kept changing and the Jared Watches with the long chain turned into a wrist watch. For the people who were always concerned about their status, showing pride had become easier. Such people bought golden chained watches which caught the look of others while shaking hand with them or holding a wine glass in a party. Not only for the royal and elite families, had wrist watches become important need for all types of communities and categories.

Different companies emerged into the business of making Jared Men's Watches and divided the categories from the most stylish and expensive to the cheapest and simplest. Wrist watch soon became the basic need of every person. The materialization of people became very important in a period where people were not recognized with their work, talent or skill, but they were respected if they had good appearance with things like wrist watch, expensive eye glasses, expensive shining shoes and branded clothes.

With time, things began to change rapidly. Where earlier there were only few specialized jobs for people to do, different new dimensions came into the market. People were selected for different jobs and areas. Number of new fields came into the knowledge of people making them professionals in different areas and sectors. Time became the most important aspect of life where people understood that the more they would work the more they could earn. Jared Wrist Watches in this era was bought by each and every person who desired to move punctually with time.

The way of life, in the beginning appeared very attractive to different people, but people from different sectors working harder and plunked busy all the time soon started understanding that their life is now controlled by their watch. They merely looked at their watch on their wrist to identify the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Things now started moving with time and stopped with time. This was the era where the watch played a greater role.

The time kept moving as it always moves and today's life is totally controlled by time, by the watch. It is said that a person who does not value time will not be valued by time, but if seen from another perspective, one can notice that the wrist watch has blocked the independence of people today. People are not living their life freely, and there is no time for their happiness, fun or to enjoy. The time in their watch is always telling them that they are not independent.

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